HDS grabs any media featuring Sakuya that he can, cost be darned (Up to a limit, of course. XD)! Extant here will be scans by HDS. Promises, HDS does, that only the highest quality images will be featured here. As such, most files will be lossless (Or as lossless as it gets outside of specialized formats that, while I can use, many won't be able to edit without expensive programs like those I (legally) own) PNGs and, as such, will be massive, both in size and dimensions. However, be warned that the large files are not for viewing in your browser. Many are over, some well, well over 10 MB and 3000x2000 pixels in size. A picture this size can and probably will cause your browser to freeze or lock up. As such, I highly recommend saving the files to your computer via right-clicking (Windows) and selecting "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" or Command-clicking (Apple) and selecting the same. View the file on your computer, not in a browser, m'kay? I will include dimensions and size beneath each picture, offering links to alternate sizes if applicable.
All links are in roughly alphabetical order by title save General which remains at the top always.
General/Unclassified Scans
AIC Comic Club Anthology, Volume I
AIC Comic Club Anthology, Volume II
AIC Comic Club Anthology, Volume III
Animation International Chronicle (AIC) 15th Anniversary Book (Or something of the like)
AZUMANGA - digitally remastered edition
Dragon Magazine, May 1997
Megu - Hyperkid's Network Magazine, May 1997
Shin Tenchi Muyo Special Collection
Shin Tenchimuyo DVD #6
Shin-Tenchi Muyo Establishment Data Collection
Shin-Tenchimuyo Novel & CD, Sakuya
Shin-Tenchimuyo Perfect Collection
Shin-Tenchimuyo! Original Illustration Book
Unknown Magazine

The Girl