An artbook by Azumanga Daioh!/Yotsuba&! artist Kiyohiko Azuma, who did work for Pioneer around the time they were making the various Tenchi series. This is a larger format version of the smaller Azumanga - Recycle book. Note that all these images come from an included CD and not the book itself. There are a number of Sakuya images in the book but, as they are more easily accessible on the inserts put in the laserdiscs of the Shin Tenchimuyo and I own the laserdiscs, I will scan the inserts rather than abuse the book. Note also that I am unsure if I am violating something by putting these images from the CD up here. I could not decipher any warnings on the CD as to whether distribution was expressly forbidden; if it is I will take this page down the instant I learn of such.
Strip #2
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Strip #5
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Strip #7
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Strip #8
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Strip #11
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A series of little comics, only some of which (Featuring Sakuya, obviously) have been posted here. As mentioned above these come off of the Mini-CD included with the book. Due to their height and lack of width I was forced to abandon my "smallest side 100px" rule for thumbnails in order to keep them smallish. No, I cannot read them so don't ask me what's happening. I will say that I *think* Grandpa stuck that picture of Sakuya in his robe in the last (Bless his dirty old heart) after being offered it as some sort of bribe by Tenchi but beyond that I am uncertain.

The Girl