Reflections exists as an outlet for the affection I have for my favorite anime girl and, indeed, my favorite anime character of all time, Sakuya Kumashiro of Shin Tenchimuyo, or Tenchi in Tokyo. Contain, it will, anything and everything I can find and share on or relating to her, from a biography and links to scans and possibly fan-created works someday (Have any? Send them to me and I'l make a section for them, with all credit of course going to the creator). The name of the site comes from the Japanese version, where Sakuya was the "reflection" of Yugi. The English version dubbed her Yugi's "shadow." It is, perhaps, that bit that first drew me to her. HDS is called to by anything relating to shadow or shadows, no matter what it is. The other possibility may lie in her voice actress. I didn't realize this until I later saw Wolf's Rain, episode 19, "Dream of an Oasis," where another character voiced by Sakuya's VA, Julie Maddalena, appeared. Recognized her, I did, and like that character too, I do, so perhaps it was the voice. Who can truly say, eh? Regardless, this site is here, so enjoy it, no?
Now, what few rules I have. Anything scanned by me can be used for anything you please, provided you don't violate the copyright of the creator/publisher of the media. Any images I have found around the internet should be used with caution, as I don't know where I got most of them from and thus cannot give permission to use them. I apologize in advance to any webmasters/mistresses whose material I've used here. I truly do not remember where I procured nearly all of it, being that most comes from six or more years in the past, before I regularly bookmarked every page I saved from. I've included every site I think I used on the links page, but I know I missed at least a few. I know how bad this is to ask, but if anyone thinks they are the original digitizers of some of the non-scanned by HDS images or media here, please do not hesitate to let me know, possibly via or, if you prefer, via the guestbook. I apologize again. ;_;
If you do happen use something I scanned, a link back would be in good taste but is not required or requested, no no.
Of course, should you want to own Shin Tenchimuyo for yourself, I highly reccomend you stop by Robert's Anime Corner Store, as they have it as cheap as it gets.
As a last bit, sign the guestbook if you enjoy Reflections (Or even if you don't)!
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