I stumbled across this marvel purely by chance I did. It is a smaller hardcover book marked "Not For Sale" on the back, something that leads me to believe that it was a promotional or commemoratory piece to celebrate the end of production or end of running of Shin Tenchimuyo. It was rather expensive and the store, ANIME&MANGA PESAN, labled it an "eternity preservation item," also noting that it was very hard for them to find, so luck was with this one when he spied it. The book consists entirely of color illustrations, many of which I have never seen before anywhere, some present here included.
Page 1
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Page 11
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Page 15
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Page 18
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The first four pages featuring Sakuya are here. None have anything too spectacular. Page one featues a more "complete" version of that image alongside the usual one. Page 15 also features what I take to be a "tan" version of Sakuya on the front of the Laserdisc Box #1.

Page 19
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The first of the images of Sakuya-chan that were new to me. Pastel-ish, no? The little inset at the bottom-right would make a lovely avatar for a discussion board, that it would.

Page 29
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I delight in this image. Another as-before unknown picture, it features Sakuya in the garb of an Italian. This book had a series of pictures, this included, featuring all the characters in various costumes. Interesting they choose Italy for Sakuya-chan, for HDS is Italian. Whodathunkit?

Page 41
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Page 42
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Page 47
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Two pages of characters, here. I believe most of these are known, in one way or another, on other pages within this shrine. The last, found on the final page containing a picture of her in the book, is also a known image, found somewhat uncommonly about the interweb. For one, a more complete (Read: has more of the "picture" in it) version is present on the General Pictures Page.

Page 44
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Page 46
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These final two images are yet another pair unknown to me until now. The first is another rare (I keep saying rare, yet keep finding new images like it) of Sakuya in a bikini, one not seen in Shin Tenchimuyo at that. A stranger look, this one has, but still delightful. ^^x The second features Sakuya emptying sand from her shoes as she, I gather, is jogging along the beach. Alas that we don't see her entire outfit, for blocked by her legs it is, but oh so lovely the image is regardless.

The Girl