AIC apparently used to run a comic club of some sort. This little gem contains a number of the doujins produced for or by the club, or so I gather, and is volume number three of, from what I know, is a three volume set. It has some images I've not seen anywhere else before, albeit a mere four. Volumes One and Two are also on this site.
40.8 MB, 5000x3331px
24.5 MB, 4000x2665px
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3.04 MB, 1600x1066px
The cover, the complete back-and-front of which is scanned here, features a number of the AIC gals, Sakuya included.

Page 60
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Page 61
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Page 143
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Some pages I did scan, yes? This was all for the Sakuya content of this book, alas. Note that the first two are part of the same story. Note also that, as black and white images, I saved them as 8-bit PNGs. For black and white there is no quality loss with the lesser PNG.

The Girl