Sad though it may be, the fact remains evident that there is a great deficiency of Sakuya media about these internets. Herein HDS will attempt to remedy that. Gathered here are screencaps, general images, scans from my own personal artbooks and other media, and scans from others, all featuring Sakuya in some way. For all works where I know the source of the images, I will note them on the pages therein. Please see the About page for information on usage and such related to these images. For the moment, this section consists solely of images. It lacks and will probably continue to lack videos (As I see no need for them) and sounds (Ditto). Now, on to the media!
General Pictures
HDS's Scans
Scans from the Ayeka Fan Club/Jen of Punistation
Donated Material (Non-fanworks)

The Girl