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My first Sakuya animation cel, this is. 'Tis from a scene 'capped on the General Pictures page. In one of her less oft seen outfits to boot.

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The only Shitajiki, official or fan-made, that I know of to feature Sakuya. A shitajiki is a pencil board, so named because they are designed to be placed in or beneath a writing pad to offer a stable surface and to prevent write-through. This one is delightful for any number of reasons, one of them being that has that rare distinction of featuring Sakuya a la bare midriff. It also features the entire gang, together peacefully for once, something unheard of.

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Card 1
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A set of AIC telephone cards was discovered by this one. The cover to the case, which contains four cards, features an amalgamation of AIC characters, one being Sakuya. One of the cards also features her in the same post and outfit as an image in the Original Illustration Book.

Poster #1
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This one is part of a set of at least three other posters featuring Sakuya. Another appears in the Donated section, along with a description of the missing third. I happened to get lucky and discover this on one of my last visits to my local (Well, twenty minutes away) import shop before they closed. This poster is doubly special due to it featuring the gang done in a more manga-style, a rare thing with Shin Tenchimuyo. It was here originally with smaller dimensions and in low-quality JPG format due to it being a scan which predated this shrine. I have now rescanned it and here you have the new, spiffier, results.

Poster #2
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I once thought this image was from an artbook but as you can see it is a poster! I am not sure who drew it (As the style it slightly different from the normal media) but it is lovely all the same!

The Girl