The second of three AIC doujin club anthologies. Not as much in this issue as volume one but much more than in volume three.
Front Flap
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3.84 Mb, 1211x1800px
Back Flap
16.8 MB, 2149x3200px
3.33 Mb, 1075x1600px
As with volume one the outer book jacket had no Sakuya on it while the inner flaps did.

Poster, Part
4.56 MB, 563x4208px
One its bitsy piece of the (back of the) poster was useful. Note that the thumbnail features only Sakuya but the actual image has four characters; namely Tenchi, Sakuya, Ayeka/Aeka and Misao. Had I left them in the thumbnail it would have been absurdly tall or, if scrunched, impossible to see so I cut out Sakuya alone for the thumb.

Page #130
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Page #134
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Page #139
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Page #142
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Four pages in this book had Sakuya somewhere on them. As with other black and white and/or low color scans I saved them as 8-bit PNGs to conserve space with minimal quality loss. Yes they made the sword-monument look like a phalli on page 130. I have no control over the artists. =P

The Girl