This book came with a few things in an artbox of sorts. There was little of (Sakuya) interest in it although the included mini-CD did have the image of Sakuya wrapped in a towel in a hot spring from the sixth DVD insert. I include it here. As with the other mini-CD images in the other Azumanga book I have up I am unsure if I am violating a rule by posting this. If so they will be removed when I realize such.
DVD 6 Insert
260 KB, 760x760px
The image in question. It ws also on page 31 of the main book but, as this was already easily obtainable on the CD, I saw no reason to abuse the book to get the scan. On a side note I think this is the only perfectly square thumbnail on the site. Note also that this image is 260 KB and NOT 260 MB.

The Girl