The non-color design works artbook for Shin Tenchimuyo, the Shin-Tenchimuyo Establishment Data Collection, will reside here. There are a few color works from this book, but most are merely sketches (Still good, though).
Cover, Color
25.8 MB 2829x4000px
11.5 MB 2000x2828px
5.01 MB 1414x2000px
Cover, BW
12.6 MB 3408x4848px
8.43 MB 2812x4000px
4.24 MB 2000x2845px
The cover of the EDC artbook collection, both its color dust jacket and its black and white true cover. As the black and white images could be saved as 8-bit PNGs with no loss in quality versus 24-bit PNGs, file sizes and number of choices are smaller for the black and white images.

Color Insert #1
26.8 MB 2730x4000px
13.3 MB 2000x2930px
5.00 MB 1365x2000px
Color Insert #2
29.5 MB 4000x2820px
13.9 MB 2837x2000px
5.72 MB 2000x1410px
Few color pages does this artbook have, but two featuring Sakuya I do include here.

Page 9
3.77 MB 3266x2468px
Page 11
3.71 MB 3373x2448px
Page 16
3.93 MB 3359x2423px
Page 268
2.96 MB 3362x2244px
Page 37
3.32 MB 3007x2376px
Page 102
3.61 MB 3058x2472px
Page 107
3.75 MB 3282x2357px
Page 126
3.52 MB 3168x2388px
Page 128
2.97 MB 2880x2342px
Page 223
3.50 MB 3248x2376px
Page 256
3.33 MB 3297x2364px
Page 267
3.24 MB 3262x2394px
Page 225
6.98 MB 3366x4798px
Page 17
7.05 MB 3295x4806px
Final Page
3.51 MB 2713x1862px
As this artbook was mostly design sketches, that is what you see here, save for the last. I scanned all pictures of Sakuya that were contained within the EDC. As all pictures were black and white, I again saved the pictures as 8-bit PNGs, resulting in small file sizes and thus no need for multiple sizes of each picture. For pages that had both top and bottom elements containing Sakuya, I left the entire page intact as one file. These can be seen by the great height of their thumbnails above.

The Girl