HDS found this gem at Katsucon 12. A showcase of AIC's many series and movies lies within, including a few of rare/not so rare pictures of Sakuya and co., although sadly many are of small size. But two pages features Shin Tenchi Muyo material, and both I have below.
Page 45, Top
14.3 MB, 2000x2660px
7.25 MB, 1504x2000px
Page 45, Bottom
12.8 MB, 2145x2453px
7.02 MB, 1500x1715px
Page 90
4.75 MB, 3334x2453px
First is the upper portion of page 45, color. I don't think I have seen it before, although I may be confusing it with the Establishment Data Collection cover. Apologies for the encroaching side images, but this is how the image was set on the page, eh? The second is the lower part of page 45, color, and due to its smaller size compared to the whole of the top part it has fewer sizes to choose from. It is the source of the image used on the splash page and I've never before seen it, as best I can remember. Last is a black and white scan from page 90. It is special because I am unfamiliar with all images on it save for the cut-out from the first laserdisc box. If anyone knows of where those single images in it can be found in color or larger, please alert this one. As it is black and white, I was again able to save it as an 8-bit PNG with no appreciable loss of quality over a 24-bit PNG.

The Girl