A truly unexpected find is this magazine. You may recall a certain image that I had formerly included on the General Pictures page, proclaiming uncertainty as to its origin or authenticity. Well, this magazine solves the mystery. That image is from here and, since it is in an actual publication, is most likely official. The magazine also yield another image of Sakuya from Ayeka's little imaginary scenario but it is the first image that makes it a truly awesome find. Sadly I forgot to scan the cover for reference (It didn't feature Sakuya). Perhaps I'll do it some future day.
Main event
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Here it is. The serendipitous and precipitous discovery. Compare it to the original and you'll see where the scanner tried to heal the image. Unfortunately that healing is complicated by the size of some of the elements that cover the participants. 'Tis why I left all elements unhealed and only pieced together the two pages of the magazine this was spread across. I had to recreate parts of Ryoko, Tenchi and Sasami but I *think* it worked. Regardless, enjoy the only large version of this image I am aware of on the interweb.

Page 12
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The Girl