A wee book that is, as far as I can tell, a mini-novel set in the Shin Tenchimuyo universe. Every twenty to thirty pages there is an illustration, all of which were new to me. The book also came with a mini-CD that had three (I believe) songs on it. It is part of a series of such books. I know of two others, one with Ryoko on the cover and one with Sasami. There may be more than that.
Front Cover
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The cover was a partial viewing of an image we have seen before. I include it for completeness as the other two are of better quality.

Page 15
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Page 37
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Page 57
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Page 91
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Page 107
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Page 119
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While black and white, these illustrations from the book are quite nice. Note that I am not sure if page 91's illustration is, in fact, Sakuya. Considering that all other illustrations are either of her or feature her I suspect it is. No idea of what's happening in it do I have regardless.

The Girl