Volume one of what I gather is a three-volume set of doujin anthologies put out by AIC to promote their various series. An awesome poster, as well as other nifty images, are a part of this volume. Volumes Two and Three are also on this site.
Front Flap
14.0 MB, 2017x3000px
3.18 Mb, 1144x1700px
Back Flap
13.9 MB, 2032x3000px
3.86 Mb, 1151x1700px
The outer book jacket had no images of Sakuya on its front but the innner flaps did. I have no idea of what is going on but it is most entertaining nonetheless.

Back Cover
16.1 MB, 2363x3500px
3.68 Mb, 1215x1800px
The back cover (The actually cover of the book under the jacket) also had an image of Sakuya. I included the whole back in case the other characters represented are of interest also.

Poster, Front
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3.67 Mb, 2500x904px
Poster, Back
18.4 MB, 3396x2256px
3.57 Mb, 1594x1200px
The glorious poster! We have previously seen this image on the page of scans from Jen but now we see it much larger! I leave Jen's image up in case you, the reader, prefer it. I say this because the colors of the different poster pages were not all exactly the same. I tried to correct as best I could in Photoshop when I healed the creases but I didn't get all the evidence away. The figures are fine but the sand has some oddities that Jen's doesn't. The second image is from the back of the poster and is not nearly as interesting (But still delightful, as all Sakuya images are to this one).

Pages 20-21
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Page #140
981 KB, 1421x1080px
Page #146
2.71 MB, 1231x3033px
The first, alas, had Sakuya in a crease. I healed her as best I could but I fear it did not come out well. I tried to include the whole two-page spread but it didn't merge well after scanning so I went with only a cut-out of Sakuya. As with most to all black and white or low-color images I saved these as 8-bit PNGs to save space while losing no discernable quality. Note that the second is 981 KB and not MB. That would be quite a scan (Indeed, that's nearly as large as the massive photomerge files I make when stiching together large posters).

The Girl