The Dragon Magazine issue for May of 1997. Recall that one of the other artbooks, the Special Collection, is a Dragon Magazine collection. As soon as I happened across this number I knew it was one to get. Few images, but the cover and one 2-page spread are splendid indeed. A color version of the last page of the Establishment Data Collection is also found here.
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The cover of the magazine, featuring an image I'd not seen before. Alas that it is besplendent with text.

Multipage, 3-4
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'Tis a multi-page spread I was mostly able to combine into one image by taking apart the magazine. However, you'll notice the differing colors of the background near the middle of the image where the break formerly was. I cannot fix that kind of blemish without disrupting the image severly. As such, I had to leave it there. C'est la vie.

Page 6
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Page 43
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Unknown Page Number (Forgot to note it)
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A small selection in this issue, including a smaller but less cluttered version of the cover and a larger, but more cluttered, version of the image that graces the splash page of this very site. The last is one I mentioned above. I did not include the other half due to it not featuring Sakuya and due to its inclusion necessitating some quality time with the heal tool in Photoshop.

The Girl