Donations of pictures and other media HDS does not have himself are greatly appreciated. To share all the material that exists out there is impossible for one person; often I find that I don't have nearly as much as I think I have of Sakuya. So here will be placed material kindly donated to me by other Sakuya fans, material that you then, the reader, can enjoy. The largest set of donated material, a cluster of images scanned by Jen of Punistation (Which I requested permission to share), reside on their own page. Have something you'd like to donate? Send it on over to this one via and he'll happily place it up with credit to the donator.

Donation #1: Poster Donation #1: Focus
These two, kindly donated by Tyler (A thousand thanks to you, good sir!), come from the sister of a poster I own, a scan of which resides on the General page of the Scans of Mine section. There are, it seems, at least two other posters in this set. One is mine, another this one, and a third has the gang in a wintery scene with snow coming down. This one features Tenchi and his posse performing a Japanese custom that I don't quite remember. I know it involves writing wishes or something similar on those little cards you see Ayeka holding and then tying them to a tree, but beyond that I do not remember its purpose or time. One image features the entire poster (Those quarters are not part of the poster, in case you were confused) and the other a focus on the girl herself (Fans think alike, eh?). Thanks again to Tyler for kindly taking pictures and sharing them with us! This one would likely never have known otherwise that this poster (And the other, still missing one) exists without him.

The Girl