One day many a moon ago HDS was browsing about the internets and encountered something extraordinary: new, high quality, and all-around spectacular Tenchi Muyo pictures, a number of which featured Sakuya! Now, HDS certainly hasn't been around the internet for its whole life, but for very nearly all the time he has been on it he has kept an eye out for and often actively been in search of media featuring his favorite girl, Sakuya Kumashiro. Because of this, HDS had thought he found any media there was to be had ages ago. It is thus a delightful surprise when this turns out to not be the case. Here, HDS had stumbled upon the duet of the Ayeka Fan Club and Jen's Punistation. Jen, the webmistress of Punistation, is a member of the Ayeka fan club and sometimes posts threads therein featuring spectacular images from Tenchi Muyo. Some of these were, as HDS mentioned, very, very rate ones featuring Sakuya, images that I have seen no place else, a very rare thing on the internet. Contacted Jen, HDS did, and obtained permission to place those images here, he did. With each picture is a link to the thread it was featured in at the Ayeka Fan Club. Note that a number of them are also at Jen's homepage. Please take the time to visit both and remember that I did not make these images! If you want to use them, t'would be best to contact Jen (A convenient email is located at Punistation).

This picture is, to put it mildly, the most spectacular image featuring Sakuya I have found since the laserdisk cover of her in the general images gallery. It features Sakuya, Pixy Misa of Magical Project S, and I believe Shayla Shayla of El Hazard, both from sister series of Tenchi Muyo (With Magical Project S being more of an offshoot than a sister). It is the only time I know of Sakuya featued in a one piece by the official artists and is one of those rare times you see her entire body. One of her striking characteristics, being pale as death itself, is made readily apparent here. This image's original location is in this thread. I also have a version I have scanned here.

Special status does this one have as well. It does feature Sakuya, on the right side with her schoolmates, but also features nearly everyone (Save a few, Haruna from Tenchi Forever, Mihoshi (An odd omission, seeing as how she is in essentially every incarnation), Sagami from "No Need for Checkpoints," etc.) from the many Tenchi series (Looks like up to but not including GXP and such). The many Sasamis and even both Kagatos are there. This one orginally appeared here.

A decidely rare bunch here, all from the 15th Anniversary AIC Cel Art Display book. None are very large, due to the nature of the book (See Jen's laments at the source of these images here). Save for the second one, which I have seen elsewhere (Although never free of text as this is), all of these are decidely new to HDS. While their small size does make this one cry, at lease they exist at all, no?

The Girl