HDS has found a sadly small pile of images featuring Sakuya-chan despite his many years of watchful observance. Some, like the entire screenshot gallery, go together and I know whence they originated from. However, there are many other images that I either don't know where they came from or I know where they came from but they fit not into a large category like screenshots. Herein will lie said images, complete with links to sources for those that have one I know of. For those that don't, well, I'll group them up top. Some others will be general as well but HDS has a comment for them. Those too will be separated from the masses at the top.

These three here are special, for they are ones I know I found at Sakuya Kumashiro's Destiny. The last two are laserdisk covers while the second is cut out from a laserdisk cover. More on it below.

HDS does know the source of this one (Stage Oni Cels, obviously), but it is nowhere to be found on the interweb, so link to it I canna. ;_; If any of you dear readers happen to stumble across SOC, let this one know, m'kay? I prefer to credit for usage rather than simply toss up unlinked. That said, it is a delightful image, eh?
Omake Omake Omake
To describe these, I quote from this page: "This is indeed Sakuya, from Tenchi in Tokyo, only not from Tenchi in Tokyo. Nowhere in that series will you see her wearing facepaint and toting a machine gun. No, this is from a scene in the Omake of the series, in which the sweet, demure Sakuya goes completely and utterly Badass Rambo and beats the snot out of all the other characters in the series. (The omake also stars Mihoshi as Freddy Kruger.)" I've yet to actually see this with my own eyes, although I've read that it was included on the laserdiscs.
Artbook Cel Laserdisc Screenshot
These four have a common thread: they have doppelgängers in Media. The first is one that has its alternate in one of my scans, that of the back cover of the Shin-Tenchimuyo! Perfect Collection. It has a different background, so here I do place it. The second has its double in the scan of my first Sakuya animation cel. It features what I presume to be the scene the cel is from. I place it here for comparison. The third is an alternate of one on this page, a bit up. It is of a different coloration and, as I canna decide which one is best, as both have merits and demerits, I place it here too. The last is a larger screen shot (I assume) of one in the screenshots gallery.
STMSC Laserdisc
First up is one from the cover of the Shin Tenchi Muyo Special Collection, a book I now have and have scanned. Or, rather, it is a modified version of the cover of the STM Special Collection, with different and less text. I leave it here for completeness as it is significantly different from the regular cover. Second is the cover image to the first box of the laserdisc set of Shin Tenchimuyo and is, in my opinion, the best Sakuya image out there, bar none.
Mystery Mystery 2
The first here is one that I should know the source to, as I remember saving it but weeks ago (As of the writing of this note)! However, where from I know not. ;_; I also know not where a larger version minus the text is to be found. Note that the only size I have is the "thumbnail-esque" size. The second I have found in two places, both with exactly the same name: Sakuya Kumashiro's Destiny & SKS. As I know not which one first had it (Or even if it came from beyond these two), I credit both here.

The Girl