Various pictographic depictions of Sakuya that HDS has either found about the internet or had donated to him are to be found here.
Wallpaper by DarkRoxima
The first submitted fanart to Reflection!, this wallpaper is by DarkRoxima. Check out his DeviantArt page; many more works featuring Sakuya are there, and he updates far more frequently than I.
BDSM Vector? Unknown Artist #2 Unknown Artist #2 Doujin
I place this group of artists here simply because they are the miscellaneous ones, ones I have no artist for or have one but am not entirely sure. The first appears to be a vector, judging by the defined linework, lack of shading (Save for highlights on the legs and hair), and uniform coloration, of another picture once featured on the General Images page and now found on the page for a magazine who's title I do not know. 'Tis also larger than its original source, the one floating around the interweb for many years. It is not larger than the tru picture from the magazine. The artist/vectorer I know not. The third I have no information on. The fourth hails from, I believe, the Yasrinjr who has his/her home here. The reason I have doubt is because I canna find it on Yasrinjr's website. However, due to its advanced age, it may just have been an early work purged. Note that it is slightly naughty, so click not if such offends you. Last up is what looks like the cover to a Doujin from who knows where. A doujin, for those curious, is a fan-created comic/manga, not necessarily depicting characters/stories from a known series (Some are completely original), but often doing so.
Unknown Artist #1 Unknown Artist #1 Unknown Artist #1
These three are all by the same artist, an artist who once existed at the address noted in each picture, However, they are no longer present there and I have as yet found no other location for this creator (Since the address leads to a page hosted on webspace given to customers by a Japanese ISP, I assume the artist changed ISPs). All are identical in design, slightly different in coloration of the swimsuit. This is also only the second time ever I know of Sakuya in a one-piece, albeit non-canon. I once knew only of the first two but Tyler, who generously shared both it and earlier shared a poster I had not known of sent me the third.
Click only if you have read the cautionary below.
This picture is one of the most dirty of Sakuya I am aware of. It does not particularly appeal to me, but I include it since it is Sakuya media. Let this be known: it contains nudity, graphic depiction of "penetration" and so on. Look not if you are at all offended by tentacle rape or hentai (Note that the Wikipedia page for tentacle rape I have linked to has, as of 10-21-2006, a graphic picture as well.). Also, if you are not permitted to view pictures of this nature by legal statutes of your location, follow not the link. I know not who the artist is.
While fanworks of Ms. Kumashiro are rare, I do know of one website that has them in abundance. It is this one, the name of which I cannot say as I know not Japanese. It features a number of pictures of Sakuya, all of which I will link to here. Upload them I will not as I am not the artist, the artist exists still, and the artist has all his pictures still up. I will link to the pages containing the pictures first and below them the links to the pictures themselves. Note that all names are made up by me in the schema of the first page with Sakuya pictures on it is the "First Page," next comes the "Second Page," and so on. Note that a great many of these depict full nudity, partial nudity, intercourse, injections (the artist has a thing for needles), and so on. Look not if you don't like that sort of thing or are legally forbidden from doing so by the laws and regulations of your locale.
First Page
Second Page
Third Page

The Girl