Fanworks not falling under the category of art or fiction I'll place here, eh? Any video media will be presented in its original format as well as an embedded FLV file on its own page. Any modern browser is capable of viewing an FLV file thus ensuring all will be able to enjoy any visual fun herin. Conversions to FLV courtesy of YouTube (As I refuse to install Quicktime just to use the converter included with Adobe Web Design Premium CS3).
Sakuya, My Immortal
8.42 MB, WMV
10.2 MB, Embedded FLV
An animated music video contributed by Darthbuert done to the tune of "My Immortal" by Evanescence. 'Tis a bit of a sad AMV at times but what does one expect from Evanescence? Happiness and flowers? =P

Sakuya, You And Me
10.0 MB, WMV
12.3 MB, Embedded FLV
Another AMV from contributer Darthbuert! More chipper than the last and to the tune of a song I like, yes yes.

Tenchi; Superman
7.97 MB, Quicktime MOV
9.88 MB, Embedded FLV
An AMV to the tune of Five for Fighting's "Superman" by contributor Darthbuert.

Sakuya/Tenchi: Little Wonders
13.8 MB, WMV
19.6 MB, Embedded FLV
An AMV by contributor Darthbuert set to Rob Thomas' "Little Wonders".

The Girl