Writers rejoice! Fanfiction is here, aye aye. I will present fanfiction in pairs: either a Word Document (.doc) and a PDF or an HTML page and a PDF. Word files will be in the format of Office XP as I am too cheap to upgrade to newer versions. As (And if) more authors submit their works I may divide the section by author for clarity, eh?
Kumashiro: Who she is, and why Tenchi loves her
An editorial in three parts by Darthbuert
Part 1 | Word Document & PDF
Part 2 | Word Document & PDF
Part 3 | Word Document & PDF

Tenchi in Tokyo 2: Rebirth
Word Document & PDF
A story described by the author, Darthbuert, as a "spiritual successor" to the Shin-Tenchimuyo! series. 'Tis a longer work too; 61 pages in Word at 12pt, TNR.

Tenchi Muyo! In Love: First Love, Book One
Word Document & PDF
A complete re-write of the first fanfiction Darthbuert ever wrote, a crossover between the Tenchi Muyo! universe (With such characters as Lady Tokimi present) and the Shin Tenchimuyo universe.

Tenchi Muyo in Love: Book-2; Honor Amongst Thieves
Word Document & PDF
A complete re-write of the second part of the above story. A description from the author, Darthbuert, follows:
"Here Sakuya is teamed up with Ayeka, Ryo-Ohki, Ryoko, and one of her old-time pirating cohorts, in an adventure of galactic proportions, as they uncover the secret to an ages old Juraian artifact rumored to contain the ability to destroy the entire universe. Their continuing struggle to resolve this peril takes them to the far reaches of the galaxy and back, in an attempt to keep this ancient relic out of the wrong hands.
Who created this powerful artifact, and for what purposes...and how does it pertain to two extraterrestrial entities bent on destroying the cosmos as we know it? All these questions will be answered and more..."

The Girl